Successful 2015 Blue Alliance Summit

Over 70 cadets, guests, and distinguished visitors came together to celebrate Air Force beat Army and to listen to Gordon Tanner, the Chief Legal Counsel of the Air Force give a wonderful talk about his life experience of coming out in the Deep South, followed by an update on where the DoD stands on Transgender service. The theme was "Strength Through Shared Experience"

 Gordon gave a very inspirational talk for all those fortunate enough to attend. he also let us know that by February of 2016, a working group will be concluded and will report back to the CSAF on timing and steps required to integrate and allow Transgender members to serve with dignity and honor. 2016 will be an exciting and important year in the continuation of full and open services for LGB and now "T" members. During the dinner, a wonderful panel discussion ensued, and many active duty service members told us the real story on what life has been like for LGB members serving openly. Mostly, the news is positive and the working environment for our members is mostly affirming with very few exceptions. T. Thompson and Gary Howe of the AOG were presented with the Flight of Heroes award for the wonderful support and service the AOG has given Blue Alliance over the years. Please make plans to attend next year's event and as always Blue Alliance welcomes your membership and donations.