Join the Blue Alliance

Regular Membership in the Blue Alliance is open to all graduates of the Air Force Academy and former cadets who did not graduate from the Academy, after the last Academy class of which you were a member has graduated, provided you are still on active duty or received a discharge under honorable conditions from the military.*

*for those individuals who were given discharges under conditions other than honorable for reason of homosexuality, and if under current policy your discharge would be classified as honorable, then you are not excluded from membership.

Associate Membership in the Blue Alliance is available to all Air Force Academy Cadets, former Cadets from classes not yet graduated, civilian and military staff at the US Air Force Academy and to parents of current and former cadet alumni.
We fully understand that some of our members need to control their privacy. As part of the online sign-up process, all prospective members have the choice to “opt-out” from the organizational roster. Their profile data (still required for membership verification) will only be available to the membership administrators . Those who “opt-out” will still have full access to the website as a member.
There are no annual “dues” to become and remain a member of the Blue Alliance. We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff and minimal expenses for the day to day operations of the organization. All members are encouraged, however, to make an annual “membership contribution” to help support the Blue Alliance mission.